Flatland is an object-oriented 2D collision library. Simplicity is a primary design goal and there are no plans for extending it to handle three dimensions. It is written in C++ and uses the doxygen documentation system. The supported platforms are Linux using gcc and Windows using Visual Studio 2005. Currently, Flatland leverages the Open Dynamics Engine for handling collision response, but collision detection is handled by Flatland itself. In the future ODE might be nuked in favor of a simpler solution designed specifically for only two dimensions. Flatland does not handle graphics, but it includes two sample programs (one simple, one complex), both of which use OpenGL.


Flatland is just a toy and should NOT be used professionally. I don't have much time to work on it because my "real" job takes too much of my energy. There are too many missing features (eg, quad trees) that make it unsuitable for use in the real world.


13 January 2007 : Released version 1.4

3 July 2005 : Released version 1.3 (minor bug fixes only)

6 March 2005 : First Flatland release.