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ComplexApp Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file complex.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 ComplexApp (bool fullscreen)
 Initialize the app; construct the flatland scene.
void InitWin ()
 Create the window and the OpenGL context.
void InitGl ()
 Load textures.
void Draw () const
void HandleEvents ()
 Handle all SDL events in the event queue.
void ProcessKeyState ()
 Handler for the keyboard state.
void ToggleFullscreen ()
 Toggle fullscreen mode. Stop and restart the graphics subsystems.
bool MouseMoved () const
bool IsFullscreen () const

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetWidth (bool screen)
static int GetHeight (bool screen)

Static Public Attributes

static const int InitialWidth = 1000
static const int InitialHeight = 600

Private Member Functions

void handle (const OS_Event &event)
 Handle a particular SDL event.

Static Private Member Functions

static void boostCallback (ContactList &contacts)
 Reaction callback for when the wheel touches the boost icon.
static void pendulumCallback (ContactList &contacts)
 Reaction callback for when the wheel touches the cannonball.
static void bubbleCallback (ContactList &contacts)
 Reaction callback for when the wheel touches the bubble.
static void feederCallback (ContactList &contacts)
 Reaction callback to start up the block feeder motor.

Private Attributes

Texture helpTexture
Texture downTexture
Texture upTexture
Texture boostTexture
Texture wheelTexture
bool freeze
bool hover
bool pressed
bool fullscreen
bool motion
aabb scrollbox
vec2 scrolloffset
dJointID motor
dJointID pendulumAnchor
dJointID bubbleAnchor
dJointID blockFeeder
dJointID squareWheelMotor

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