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Flatland::ObjectProperties Struct Reference

#include <flatland.hpp>

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Detailed Description

For physical properties, I don't see a need for accessor/mutator methods right now. In the future we can add proxies if need be. For example, we'd turn the struct into a class, then we'd make friction a FrictionProxy instead of a float, then we'd add a private member to store the actual float for friction. FrictionProxy would use operator overloading to hide validation behind the scenes. If the proxy code is tedious even using templates, then maybe we could add to the enums perl script to auto-generate code for us.

Definition at line 56 of file flatland.hpp.

Public Attributes

float density
float friction
float bounceFactor
float bounceVelocity
Mask collisionMask
Mask frictionMask
Callback callback

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