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Flatland Namespace Reference


struct  aabb
 axis-aligned bounding box in 2D More...
struct  Shape
class  Geometry
 Abstract 2D geometry class used for collision detection. More...
struct  ObjectProperties
 Physical properties. More...
class  Object
 Abstract Flatland object to be overridden by the application. More...
class  Dynamic
 Dynamic object. More...
class  Static
 Static object (cannot be moved by the physics engine). More...
class  ContactList
 Encapsulates an array of contacts between two geometries. More...
class  World
 Encapsulates an ODE world and contact group. More...
class  Quad
 abstract rectangular shape; cannot be instantiated More...
class  Block
 TODO merge with Quad (after you make a line collider). More...
class  Line
 finite line segment More...
class  Terrain
 Terrains must be built strictly west-to-east; each x value must be greater than the previous x value. More...
class  Circle
 ball shape More...
class  Composite
 dynamic shape composed of other shapes More...
struct  vec2
 2D vector More...


namespace  Intersection


typedef unsigned int Mask
typedef dBodyID Body
typedef void(*) Callback (ContactList &contacts)
typedef std::vector< vec2VList
typedef std::vector< LineLineStrip
typedef std::map< float, int > SpanMap
typedef std::list< Geometry * > GList


bool is_nan (float f)
float round (float f)
float dot (const vec2 &a, const vec2 &b)
float cross (vec2 a, vec2 b)
bool is_nan (float f)
float round (float f)


static const char * ShapeTable []
const float pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795f

Variable Documentation

const char* Flatland::ShapeTable[] [static]

Initial value:


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